Here's the problem

Knowledge has a half-life.

In research mode, it’s easy to get bogged down by browser tabs and lose track of where we put things. But when we need need them later, we end up wasting hours re-researching things we've already found.

Say hello to Veeo.

Veeo visually maps your online research and takes care of all the mind-numbing, tedious stufflike deciding how to organize the information you collect and notes you take. That way, you can focus on what’s interesting and pick up the thread of your learning whenever you need to.

Say hello to Veeo.

Find, annotate & save


Follow an intuitive process to gather, annotate and save information, while Veeo automatically organizes it into a visual knowledge base.

Leverage what you've found


Shape what you've learned into a clear, organized form and use it to craft a presentation, write a book, or build a spaceship.

Build a knowledge base together


Shared knowledge is powerful. Now you can research in parallel, visualize your team's knowledge base, and build on each other's work.

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