Things We Care About

Understanding Our Impact

"We're in this together" isn't just a pithy catch-phrase—it's a fundamental truth of human existence. We're so deeply interconnected that many seemingly benign decisions can snowball into an avalanche of unintended consequences. We try to understand how the choices we make impact the world, and try to act wisely enough to not break things.

Good Old-Fashioned Respect

Respect for others—their needs, boundaries, preferences, and basic humanity—comes first. Regardless of mistakes, failures, beliefs, or attitudes, our highest priority is extending patience, compassion, and good will to everyone we interact with. That means holding each other accountable while still giving one another the benefit of the doubt.

Data Stewardship

We keep the data you entrust us with private and secure. We don't want strangers to watch how we behave then sell the observations to companies, so we don't expect you to be ok with it when information about your digital life is collected and sold. We'll always be totally transparent about how we use and handle data, and we always keep your private data private, period.

Enriching Technologies

Enriching technologies enhance our thinking, sharpen our focus, connect us with others, and nudge our behavior in healthy ways. They ask for our attention for just long enough to benefit us, then leave us alone. They support our full range of innate capabilities—visual, spatial, linguistic, social, emotional—so that we can do our best work and live our richest lives. These are the technologies we create.