Meet the Co-founders

co-founder + CEo

Lauren Hebert

Lauren loves to work and learn at the intersection of disparate fields, which is why her projects often stray into uncharted territory. Veeo has grown from a fusion of her expertise in learning science, knowledge mapping, and human-centered design. She's into night-hikes, cheese, and interesting conversations with all kinds of people.

co-founder + CTo

William Fischer

William is a father, poet, mathematician, Navy veteran, and lifelong learner who’s worked in network intelligence, nuclear power, computational biology, and software development. He's obsessed with metacognition, graphs, learning psychology, meditation, building wholesome habits and making Veeo.

Advisors & Contributors

Jenny Filipetti
technology & design Advisor

Associate Professor & Researcher, Immersive Design & Emergent Digital Technologies

Philip Pridmore-Brown
technology Advisor

20+ Years of Enterprise Software Engineering, Architecture, Design, Marketing & Leadership

Derek Bennington
Business Advisor

Startup Strategist, Business Model & Customer Needs Expert, Management Consultant

Zach Dorman
Culture & Marketing

Startup Strategist, Business Model & Customer Needs Expert, Management Consultant

Sean Dumont
digital Design
Dan Hutchinson
software Development
Preston Jarnigan
software development
Jerry Michalski
"Tech we can trust" Advisor

Trustworthy Tech Advisor, Global Speaker & Influencer, Curator of the Largest Digital “Brain”

Kate Goodman
research advisor

Associate Professor & Researcher, Cognitive Neuroscience, Learning Sciences & Innovation

John Bennet
business advisor

Professor & Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation Initiatives CU Denver | Anschutz

Kelsey Ford
Business Development
Trystan Kaes
Prototype Development